Ian E Hart

I'm Ian E Hart

Ian Hart has worked with words, ideas, images and stories all his life: as an academic in Australia, Europe and China, and as writer-director of over 30 broadcast documentary and fiction films. He has, to date, written three novels. He lives in Canberra.


The 3-Dimensional Boy


14 year old Tom accidentally clones himself in his father’s laboratory. His friend Biff (Bethany) tries to pass the clone off as Tom’s long-lost twin. But the clone is kidnapped and rescuing him leads Tom and Biff on a wild pursuit through the la...

Forgetting Business


“Hey Jindy, I hear you got that forgetting business,” said Jimmy Sugarbag. The entire population of Kerosene Creek village disappeared overnight and Jindy Kelly can’t remember a thing about it. Sister Thomas calls it “hysterical amnesia”. They t...

China Business


“Hey Jindy, when you finish that China business, you come back here, ay” said Jimmy Sugarbag. Jindy Kelly arrives in the plague port of Hong Kong in 1894 She is looking for the enigmatic Johnny Fong, who may know the whereabouts of her mother. He...

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