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By:Pastor Andreas Fischer

The Illusion of Choice


Pastor Fischer shares, “In today’s modern society of high tech and 24-7 new cycles, a massive amount of information is broadcast and published every day that deeply influences our perspective on what is happening, on what is “real and true” in the world at any giv...

By:Loretta Ramirez

The Wound and the Stitch: A Genealogy of the Female Body from Medieval Iberia to SoCal Chicanx Art


NOTE: Receive 40% discount and free U.S. domestic shipping with promo code RSA24 at Sale ends 7/20/202...

By:Sandy Hanley

Sixfold Betrayal

A double murder, disguised as a boating accident, claims the lives of two cousins, leaving an immense fortune hanging in the balance. Haunted by a past tragedy, Detective Sean Lloyd travels from London to Halifax Manor to investigate. While there, Lloyd is draw...

By:Sherry Martin Peters

Elope: A Modern Elopement Guide for the Free-Spirited and Adventurous


ELOPE is written for brides and adventurous couples who want to do something radically different for their wedding day, who want forgo a traditional wedding altogether. Meanwhile, it creates the perfect excuse for those who consid...

By:Elom Akoto

Blindspot in America


"This novel is at its best when it gives its characters space to discuss their ideas, hopes, and dreams.” — Kirkus ReviewsBlindspot in America gives a provocative depiction of some of the realities immigrants face...

By:Yolanda Lance

Ladies It’s Just a Piece of the Puzzle


Life has a way us taking us on many different twists and turns, pieces of our "life's puzzle." Some of those turns are wanted, while others are undesired and unexpected. In the book I discuss events of my life, the good, bad, and the ugly, showing how God has a wa...

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A Hilarious Moment!

A Hilarious Moment! is a delightful read that takes the reader back to old school days worth remembering. The real-life humorous stories rekindle the heart to share precious memories with family and friends that may have all but been forgotten. Spiced with a bit of history, the whimsical and uplifting words on the pages bring a smile to readers as they refresh themselves in old school ways that built community....

Vera L. Smith



Yolanda Lance

Author, public educator, former social worker and public speaker, originally from culturally diverse Miami Gardens, Florida and current resident...

S. J. Barratt

Hi,    I'm an agricultural communicator with a green thumb and a passion for gardening, writing, and storyt...

Lydia Graham

In the digital marketing space as an expert since 2016.  Degree from SNHU BA in business marketing and new media.  I am a Digital Mark...

Bruce Martin

I'm an adult and YA fantasy, fiction, horror writer from England.

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