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Karin Jensen

From the Arctic to the Amazon, I have circled the globe by ship, train, camel, and tuk-tuk, seeking stories that connect us. As a former mem...

Book Description

THE FOREIGN EDUCATION OF ABEL is an exciting story that whisks you away to the exotic South Pacific islands of Vanuatu. Journey alongside 12-year-old Abel as he leaves his remote island village to attend boarding school on distant Pentecost Island.
This coming-of-age adventure story ignites kids' sense of wonder and curiosity. Through Abel's eyes, readers discover:
Fascinating traditions like land-diving ceremonies, kava rituals, and coming-of-age rites of passage
The lush tropical landscape, active volcanoes, and pristine beaches of Vanuatu
Customs like hunting wild pigs, gathering jungle fruits, and living in thatched huts
A rare glimpse of indigenous village life before outside influences arrived
Vivid storytelling makes the colors, smells, and textures of island life leap off the page. There's no questionable content - just a fun, engaging journey to a foreign place.
Readers gain far more than facts. They'll:
Experience Abel's loneliness and tenacity when sent away to boarding school
Witness Abel's courage in standing up to bullies and speaking his truth
Develop empathy for how islanders balance change with traditional ways
Find inspiration in Abel's resilience and integrity

THE FOREIGN EDUCATION OF ABEL highlights our shared humanity despite cultural differences. This book brings history and geography lessons to life, promotes global awareness, cross-cultural appreciation, open-mindedness, and respect for indigenous peoples.
It aligns with educational standards in an enjoyable way as it informs and entertains. The story sticks with readers long after the last page.

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