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Dr Eric Bornstein

Dr. Eric Bornstein is a biochemist, dentist, and photobiologist. He has patented technologies in the areas of lasers, circadian medicine, and bio...

Book Description

In the era of legalized marijuana, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has nefarious plans to exploit America’s best and brightest graduate students using synthetic hallucinogens and THC compounds. They have partnered with a disaffected CIA agent who was instrumental in the CIA’s domestic hallucinogen experiments known as Project MKULTRA during the Cold War. The former agent is a student of the strategy of Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese military general, strategist, and philosopher who lived 2500 years ago.

The hallucinogens open a person’s mind to the power of suggestion and allow CCP baristas at upscale American cafés to easily question graduate students for technical information about new technologies in their university laboratories. The methods used mirror the MKULTRA protocols from the Cold War. The plan is for the CCP to gain a head start on America’s most crucial security and new technological advances.

But there is a problem. The drugs are beginning to have strange effects on some of the students. An E.R. doctor living in Burlington, Vermont, has confronted some of these students suffering from bizarre psychotic symptoms and has started investigating. If the CCP plan is discovered, there will be accusations of international terrorism. With congressional committee hearings and politicians sharply focused on banning TikTok and other Chinese technologies, the CCP will stop at nothing to prevent this from happening…

Sun Tzu’s Café is a Historical Spy novel that brings the reader into the lives of the people behind the CIA’s illegal Project MKULTRA program during the Cold War. The thrilling conclusion occurs in the present day of America’s existential conflict with the modern Chinese government.

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