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Joseph T Hawkins

Joseph Hawkins is a fantasy fiction author. His first series, "Jay" including, Ahern's Burden, The Second Angel, and The Broken Garrison, was fi...

Book Description

The kings are gone. The war has ended. The Idols control the world. Tyrannical and feared, the Idols abolished national cultures. Scared and desperate, the people accepted their fate. With the world at their feet, the Idols used their resources to pursue immortality, silencing those who opposed or kept secrets. They are close to their goal but a young boy continues to elude them. A boy with answers, and powers they fear. Guided by an unseen mentor, and protected by a loyal guardian, Jay searched to answer questions of his own. Having lived in seclusion, Jay stepped out of the shadows and found the world waiting for him. Not yet in his teens, he caught the attention of bounty hunters and assassins because he broke the highest law and practiced magic. Unaware of the extent of what he could do, Jay learns that he is endowed with extraordinary abilities. Rough and untrained, he seeks the skills of an ancient teacher, a man of legend, a man whose knowledge spans generations. Beyond the journals left by his father, and the poems hidden by his mother, Jay finds comfort in his adopted family’s home. Hope propels him forward, the hope that he will find his parents alive. No one is safe around him. Destruction follows those whom he loves. The weight is difficult for him to bear. The Idols are watching. A fractured land hopes for peace. Will Jay have the strength to endure, or will the weight of his destiny crush him? Jay is a tale of a boy who wants a simple life, and the journey he must accomplish to realize his wish.

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