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Marcella Nardi

Marcella Nardi, born in the medieval town of Castelfranco Veneto, Northern Italy,

Book Description

A breathtaking thriller, employing both history and mystery, capturing the attention of the reader from the first to the last page and which illuminating the darkest scenarios of the history of Christianity and Judaism. A novel about men ready to do anything, interested not in the truths of their faith, but in protecting some of the greatest mysteries of humanity.
What is the Ark of the Covenant, really? What is hidden inside? Who was Moses, really? What if, despite the millennial tradition of the Promised Land, Moses had been no one other than a warrior in search of the power and fame he hadn’t found in the Egyptian court? What if he ran away from Egypt to fulfill his dreams of glory elsewhere, setting on fire anyone who got in the way of his plans?
Was Joshua, the putative son of the carpenter Joseph, really the only begotten son of God? What was the actual role of the twelve apostles? What if the dogma in which we believe was only the consequence of their betrayal, artfully designed to make Jewish prophecies about the Messiah converge on Joshua in order to achieve their great purpose? Did the twelve apostles so want to give birth to a new religion that they sent their Master to be crucified and made him appear to be resurrected?
Plausible? Maybe …
The centuries pass and the temporal power of the Church of Rome grows.
Marco Polo, a rich and famous Venetian merchant, establishes himself as an ambassador for the Khan, the emperor of Cathay. But who was this merchant actually? And what was the relationship between his family and the apostles?
Nowadays, we wonder what might have been behind the tragic death of Pope Luciani after only thirty-three days. Maybe someone feared that his ideas of innovation would shake the millennial sand foundations of the Vatican?
What is pushing the current Pastor of Christians to act so differently from his predecessors? His wonderful ideas of renewal are changing the face of the Catholic Church. What is behind all this?
Joshua and the Brotherhood of the Ark is a thriller that unfolds over the centuries with secrets, power games and mysteries. Those who read it in preview, judged it to be "…a novel that insinuates itself through the dark paths of the history of the great monotheistic religions.”
Marcella Nardi knows how to use, with great skill and preparation, not only her imagination, but above all, the theories of many scholars regarding the figure of Joshua, the son of the carpenter Joseph. How did one of the greatest religions of all time arise from a good and meek man, who had no interest in power?
Joshua and the Brotherhood of the Ark
is a novel to be read page by page, leaving the mind free to fly through time, as the writer did.

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