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Karin Jensen

From the Arctic to the Amazon, I have circled the globe by ship, train, camel, and tuk-tuk, seeking stories that connect us. As a former mem...

Book Description

In the Torajan Highlands of Sulawesi, Indonesia, 12-year-old Subaeda navigates a transformative period. Preparing for her late Grandpa Mohimbi's elaborate ceremonial funeral, she grapples with personal losses: her best friend Rakyat leaves for the city, her brother loses his job due to a conflict with a mining company, and the increasing funeral expenses make her fear that she might be forced into servitude.
Amidst the chaos, Subaeda redefines her understanding of relationships and societal bonds. But when Rakyat returns, challenging long-held traditions, Subaeda must confront what truly binds her community together.
Journey with her through the beauty of Sulawesi and its vibrant ceremonies, and witness the universal quests for belonging and friendship.

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