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David Springstroh

David Springstroh has lived in eight states and traveled the world. A graduate of Georgia Southern University and an accomplished sales and marketi...

Book Description

Dive into a Tail-Wagging Adventure with James and Waylon - The Pancake Predicament Every Kid Will Love!

Join James and his lovable, floppy-eared friend, Waylon, in a delightful breakfast caper! Pancake Day is here, and James can't wait to dig into his delicious stack. But with Waylon's keen nose twitching and tail wagging, it seems James isn't the only one with pancakes on his mind.

James would love to share his cherished meal, but puppies can't eat pancakes! With Waylon by his side, the search for a suitable treat is on. Can James come up with a solution that satisfies them both?

Puppies Don't Eat Pancakes offers a heartwarming, rhyming tale of friendship, kindness, and the joy of sharing. Perfect for little readers who cherish fun, laughter, and pancakes!

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