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Kelsey Carlee

Kelsey Carlee is from the Seattle area and enjoys creating art in her spare time. She has been writing since she was a kid, with her first publi...

Book Description

This memoir recounts the relationships that a young Kelsey experienced, such as how her whole world got turned upside down when she met Howie. It touches on her complicated relationship with her mother, and how the love she developed for Cole nearly cost her life. The plot makes a full circle from when the author was younger to the adult version of herself, as she grieved the loss of her mother and had to look back at the past to be able to call things what they really were. This book chronicles the author's unraveling through poetry, letters, and recollection as an outlet to heal her past traumas. Double Crossed and Unraveled is for every survivor of neglect and abuse. It touches on domestic violence, PTSD, sexual assault, complicated grief, addiction, and recovery. It’s easy to get lost in this "riveting" story that's difficult to set down once you begin reading.

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