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Lou Pugliese

Author, Lou Pugliese is retired from two careers: a senior manager at Toyota Motors with national (US) and 

Book Description

“BLAME IT ON THE MOON” is a haunted house mystery of 83.000 words.
Richard Eugene Craft lives alone in a house built by his great grand uncle, Dr. Richard Eugene Craft, in the mid-1800s. The house, in Arlington Virginia, has a rich history and a seemingly haunted past, having been a field hospital during the Civil War. Many people died in this house, including Richard’s wife and son. As unexplainable happenings occur, Richard researches them and acquires interested parties along the way from a dog, to a potential love interest, to Civil War historians and anthropologists who will assist in digging up the past, figuratively and literally.

An editorial by Kristine Eckart of INDEPENDENT BOOK REVIEW describes it as:
“A mysterious haunted house story with plenty of heart.
This is not your typical haunted house story. Blame It On The Moon by Lou Pugliese is a ghost story, murder mystery, steamy romance, and Indiana Jones archeology mission all rolled into one. These little twists are pleasant surprises that add a lot of nuance (& fun!) to the reading experience. . . . My favorite part of this book is an unexpected detail: the recurring theme of finding friends in unexpected places. . . . And just as in real life, the connections expand and develop from there. Our world is experiencing a loneliness pandemic; I truly appreciated seeing this book address that situation for Richard, reflecting how it could be possible in our own lives—minus the haunted house part (I hope).
Looking for a haunting tale incorporating the past and the present with a great cast of characters? You’ve found your next read in Blame It On the Moon.”

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